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Cookies are small date text files that are used by most websites to simulate a continuous connection to that site and to enhance the visitor’s browsing experience. Cookie files are sent to your browser by a website to enable this website to remember information about your previous visits. Information can include, for example what you have added to your shopping trolley. Cookies will be necessary for visitors to complete their online/e-commerce purchase session from our website and without the use of cookies your user experience will be much less satisfactory.

Visitors may set their browser to disable cookies by following the below instructions.

  • For Mozilla Firefox: Steps: Go to ‘Tools’ then ‘Options’ menu. Click on the ‘Privacy’ setting, then select your preferred options on the ‘cookie’ menu.
  • For Microsoft Internet Explorer: Steps: Go to ‘Tools’ menu, then ‘Internet Options’, click on ‘Confidentiality’, then select your preferred level of confidentiality.

Our privacy policy will give you more information of how we protect your privacy.

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